Theatre Rozbark / Jakub Lewandowski, "Delight"

Eat, devour, live, buy a lot to get more and more out of the world. More power, more inches, more panels, more pixels, more gold, more grub, more, more, more…
False contradicts beauty, yet we are fooled. During the performance characters will reveal their nature more and more revealing their ugliness.
THEY – they will slowly drop their masks:
Speaking – without understanding
Eating – without reflection
Dancing – without rhythm
Thinking – about themselves
And Destroying – others.
How much of the Devil in the Angel, so much the Animal in the Man.
And if at some point a wild animal really appears on the stage – the question will come – what do we really see…?

choreography: Jakub Lewandowski
choreographer assistant: Dominika Wiak
performance: Dominika Wiak, Wojciech Furman, Daniel Leżoń, Oscar Mafa, Paweł Urbanowicz, Michał Woźnica
light design: Paweł Murlik
music: Michał Lis
set design and costumes: Jakub Lewandowski
video: Paweł Szymkowiak
production: Theatre Rozbark
premiere: 29 September 2018, Bytom
duration: 60 minutes

The performance features nudity.

Jakub Lewandowski – the fellow of the Centre Choregraphique Mathilde Monnier National de Montpellier (France); graduated from the Artistic Education Department of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Lewandowski’s creation entitled Melancholia was granted several prizes: the 1st prize at the Zawirowania Festival in Warsaw (2017), the 1st award for the best performance at the International Solo Duo Festival in Budapest (2018); Melancholia was also selected to the finals of the SOLO DANCE CONTEST 2018 in Gdańsk. Lewandowski created choreography for more than several dozen stage performances in operas and drama theatres in Poland and abroad.