Teatr A PART, Amareya Theatre / Marcin Herich, "Four"

Four performers. Women, people, bodies.

“Four” in Japan and Korea is the homophone of the word “death.”

In European culture it is the number of man, symbolizing matter and temporal order.
Four sides of the world, four seasons and four elements.

Four riders of the Apocalypse.

Four things insatiable: the abyss, the womb of a woman, earth and fire.

script and direction: Marcin Herich
choreographic cooperation: the team
performers: Daniela Komędera, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Aleksandra Śliwińska, Monika Wachowicz
light design cooperation: Bartosz Gburek
music: Angel, Kato Hideki, Mr Geoffrey & JD Franzke
light director: Marcin Herich and Bartosz Gburek
production: Teatr A Part
coproduction: Amareya Theatre
partner: Fundacja Paryż
premiere: 18 February 2018, Katowice
duration: 40 minutes

Four was produced within the framework of the Bezdech project realised by Teatr A Part.

The whole performance is performed naked.

Marcin Herich – director and actor; graduated from the Department of Polish Philology of the Silesian University in Katowice. Founder and artistic director of Teatr A Part. Between 1985-2004 he cooperated with the experimental theatre company – Teatr Cogitatur. Together with Teatr A Part he created over twenty theatre productions, including: stage performances, open-air events and site-specific projects. The company’s performances were presented in 28 countries on five continents.

Teatr A Part – is an independent visual and physical theatre company, founded by Marcin Herich in 2004. Teatr A Part created over twenty theatre productions, including: stage performances, open-air events and site-specific projects. Theatre of body, movement and visual narrative. Teatr A Part is also the producer and organiser of the International Performing Arts Festival A Part – an annual event of experimental and innovative performing arts founded in 1994.


Amareya Theatre – independent dance/theatre company founded in 2003 in Gdańsk; working also under the name Amareya Theatre & Guests. Among the most important creations of Amareya Theatre are: Deadman Eating Watermelon (2018), Kantor_Tropy: COLLAGE (2016, dir. K. Pastuszak), Memory of Water (2016), 2 (2013, dir. K. Pastuszak), Nomadic Woman (2012; dir. K. Pastuszak), Empty Home (2011, dir. A. Kamińska). The performances are presented at festivals in Poland and abroad, and their common trait is the company’s interest in the body as the object of performative actions and a vehicle for carrying meaning.