Dariusz Nowak, Dor Mamalia, "into me, see"

“We tend to associate intimacy with closeness and closeness with a certain sum of shared experiences. Yet in reality total strangers, who will never say a single word to each other, can share an intimacy – an intimacy contained in the exchange of a glance, a nod of the head, a smile, a shrug of a shoulder. A closeness that lasts for minutes or for the duration of a song that is being listened to together. An agreement about life. An agreement without clauses. A conclusion spontaneously shared between the untold stories gathered around the song.”
– John Berger

Intimacy, closeness, solitude – these states have initiated and led us to seek their bodily interpretations. We read each of them through our own experiences, memories and visions, which – vaccinated in the body and space – flourish in a motion collage.

choreography, concept and dance: Dariusz Nowak, Dor Mamalia
rehearsal director: Alicja Różańska
partner: KibbutZürich – The First Jewish Arts Festival
premiere: 23 May 2018, Zurich

duration: 30 minutes

The piece was commissioned by Jewish Art Festival KibbutZürich 2018.

The piece is performed in English.

HUMAN FIELDS by Dariusz Nowak and Dor Mamalia – founded in 2017; they’ve already created works: into me, see, Wood Rabbit, a heart on his sleeve, Sweven. They cooperated with Saddler’s Wells Theatre, Korzo Theatre, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Royal Danish Ballet, ZHdK, CONTEXT Diana Vishneva, and others from Holland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Russia, Israel, Poland. They also work with artists such as Jin Young Won, Niv Marinberg, Vladimir Varnava, Sharon Vazanna Dance, Alicja Róża. Currently, they are working on a piece for Vertigo International Dance Program and Curtain Up Festival in Israel.