Compagnie Linga / Katarzyna Gdaniec, Marco Cantalupo, "flow"

flow is inspired by the astonishing performance of animal’s group movements, such as shoals of fish, flocks of birds or swarms of insects. These flexible and fluid formations, capable of modifying immediately their speed and their direction without losing space coherence, question the laws of interactions which act between the various members of a group and the coordination of their movements; they suggested us new choreographic dynamics based on the collective consciousness of the movements in the space.

With a musical score expressly composed and played live, we imagined for our dancers and for the public an in full discharge, original and jubilant kinaesthetic experience.

concept and choreography: Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo
dancers: Aude-Marie Bouchard, Marti Güell Vallbona, Ai Koyama, Andor Rusu, Manuela Spera, Csaba Varga, Cindy Villemin
music: Keda (Mathias Delplanque, E’Joung-Ju)
light design: German Schwab
set design: Emilien Allenbach, Geneviève Mathier, Grégory Gaulis
costumes: Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo
co-production: Compagnie Linga, l’Octogone – Théâtre de Pully
premiere: 2 March 2018, L’Octogone Théâtre de Pully, Pully
duration: 60 minutes

Katarzyna Gdaniec – dancer and choreographer; she studied at the National Ballet School in Gdansk. In 1983 she won the 1st Prize at the Gdansk National Dance Competition and the Prix de Lausanne. She entered Maurice Béjart’s Ballet du XXe Siècle in 1985 and remained with the company as principal dancer until 1992. As early as 1987 Katarzyna has been a choreographer; after creating her first works for the “Young Choreographers” workshop organized by the Ballet du XXe Siècle. In 1992, she founded Compagnie Linga with Marco Cantalupo, which she has co-authored over forty choreographies.

Marco Cantalupo – dancer and choreographer; he studied at The Scala Theatre Ballet School in Milan followed by the Hamburg Opera Ballet School, where he graduated. In the United States he studied the Limon technique and work with Daniel Ezralow, choreographer. He danced with the Hamburg Opera, and then as a soloist with the Staatstheather Gelsenkirchen, the National Ballet of Portugal, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Stadttheater Bern and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne. In 1992, he founded Compagnie Linga with Katarzyna Gdaniec.

Keda – created by Mathias Delplanque and E’ Jong-Ju in 2010. In their work they confront the ancestral tones of the geomungo with textures, rhythms and processings of electronic music. Their creations stand out as an original musical form inspired by the blues, by the African sounds, by the ambient and by the noise etc. Keda published one album, Hwal, and occurs regularly in concerts, in particular to the Quai Branly Museum in 2013.