Pracowania Tańca PRYZMAT (PRISM Dance Studio)/ Katarzyna Grabińska, "Pan Kejk" ("Mr Cake")

Mr Cake – is a story about discovering a comic world full of absurd and grotesque situations, the unreal character of the real situations, the laziness of the the hard-working and the weakness of the strong, a world in which intentional actions turn out to be pointless. Together with Mr Cake, the audience travels from Cakeland to Popoland. In Popoland, the main character spends time observing the daily life of its inhabitants, as he was watching them through the window of a comic book drawing. Mr Cake immerses himself in the surreal community of Popoland with all his body, to the point of losing his breath, to the point of absolute exhaustion. There is no escape anymore. Mr Cake becomes just a cog in the machine of Popoland’s reality, where the egg is always smarter than the chicken.

The performance is composed of scenes and scores that were created spontaneously and that draw inspiration from everyday life. The visual aspects of the performance – colourful costumes and the simplicity of form – refer to the aesthetics of surrealism, pop-art and traditional comic books. Dancers provoke the audience and suggest images, leaving, at the same time, plenty of space for the audience’s borderless imagination, which they are invited to set free from the very beginning of the performance.

The performance is suitable for audiences of every age.

concept, choreography: Katarzyna Grabińska
performance: Pracownia Tańca PRYZMAT (PRISM Dance Studio): Julia Drygas, Anna Janczarek, Kamila Olszewska, Katarzyna Rutkowska, Monika Parafiniuk, Alicja Wilczewska
assistant director: Tomasz Czaplarski
video: VJ Tonda Kinoko
costumes: Ada Jędrych
production: ARToffNIA Dance and Art Foundation
premiere: 3 June 2018, Feliks Nowowiejski Warmia and Mazury Philharmonic in Olsztyn

duration: 30 minutes

Pracownia Tańca PRYZMAT (PRISM Dance Studio) – a dance company of ARToffNIA Dance and Art Foundation (Olsztyn), led and choreographed by Katarzyna Grabińska. Together with ARToffNIA Dance and Art Foundation, PRISM produces dance performances and initiates interdisciplinary projects and meetings of dance community members. Simultaneously, PRISM carries out rich repertory activities and develops education projects for children, teenagers and adults. PRISM’s performances make use of aesthetic and formal means of expression derived from dance theatre. Currently, the Foundation is in the process of carrying out a project entitled Olsztyn Dance Theatre. Prologue, which aims at developing in Olsztyn a permanent professional dance theatre (the project is realised within the framework of Olsztyn Participatory Budget).