Alicja Morawska-Rubczak, "blisko" ("close")

close is a show about building relations. Two dancers reveal to the audience a world of magical ties which have always bound people together. Closeness – I, you, we – the family. We all carry inside a small part of it. By building ties, step by step, we open ourselves to others.

Dancing couple on a round stage – the circle of life and commonwealth, and at its centre a matrioshka – the symbol of motherhood, but at the same time, an object concealing inside lots of surprises. This traditional doll form acquires a contemporary touch and may be creatively processed – both by the artists and the audience. Form becomes the starting point for a conversation without words, where closeness, touch, tenderness become the most important topics.

direction: Alicja Morawska-Rubczak
dancers: Anna Dziedzic, Filip Meyer-Luters
music: Wacław Zimpel
set design, costumes: Barbara Małecka
production: Children’s Art Centre in Poznań
coproduction: Art Fraction Foundation
premiere: 26 November 2016, Wspólna Scene in Poznań
duration: 45 minutes

The performance was realised within the Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years project supported by Creative Europe programme.

The performance is suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years of age and their adult relatives.

Alicja Morawska-Rubczak – director, theatre instructor. Specialised in theatre for children (at the age of 3 and less) and dance theatre for children. Author of the following performances: Śpij (Sleep), brzucho (belly), Łódeczka (A little boat), NIEBOskłon (HEAVENlybend), LABirynt (LAByrinth), blisko (close), Kuuki/Powietrze (Kuuki/Air). Founder and curator of numerous theatre projects for children; programme consultant for the International Festival of Arts for Early Years – Sztuka Szuka Malucha. Member of the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network, Small Size Association and Art Fraction Foundation.