Jan Łosakiewicz - miniatura

Jan Łosakiewicz

A former dancer, Jan Łosakiewicz currently works as a choreographer, director, animator, and organiser of culture, as well as a pedagogue and counsellor with the youth. For the past 32 years, he has collaborated as a choreographer and director with the University of Warsaw’s Song and Dance Ensemble “Warszawianka.” Born in Lublin to a family with rich musical and dancing traditions, he studied at the local Ballet Community College. In 1978, he graduated in dance and physical exercise from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw.

He spent 12 years working at the Centre for Methodology of Culture Popularization in Warsaw (currently the National Centre for Culture) affiliated by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, where he improved, educated and trained Polish dance instructors. An organizer of artistic workshops, qualification trainings, and national and international conferences for dance instructors, he has collaborated with a number of dance organizations around the world. As a consultant, author or facilitator, he has contributed to the publication of a number of methodological materials, among others Mazur – kroki i figury (The Mazurka: Steps and Figures), Systematyka kroków i figur w obrębie jednej pary w polskich tańcach narodowych (A Typology of Steps and Figures in a Single Pair in Polish National Dances), and Tańce Polskie – Śladami Oskara Kolberga (Polish Dances: In Oskar Kolberg’s Footsteps).

Appointed to the Board of Experts on Dance and Folklore by the Minister of Culture and the Arts, he reactivated several nationwide dance tournaments and contributed to the development of national dances in Poland. A holder of the Expert Juror Certificate in Polish dances, he has collaborated with such musicians as Witold Jarosiński and Przemysław Marcyniak, with whom he has created over a hundred dance compositions for Polish and international dance ensembles.

He is a recipient of a number of prizes awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, the Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw, the President of the University of Warsaw, and the Association for Cooperation with Polish Communities Abroad. He is a long-time collaborator of the CIOFF®, currently acting as the vice-president of the Polish Section.

photo: Karolina Gmurczyk