Jacek Łumiński - miniatura

Jacek Łumiński

A director and choreographer of the Silesian Dance Theatre from 1991 through 2013, Jacek Łumiński graduated in Dance Pedagogy from the Academy of Music in Warsaw. From 1984 till 1988, he danced at the Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań. From 1988 through 1990, he made his first efforts to establish a contemporary dance company, which eventually came to life in 1991 as the Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom, the first contemporary dance company in Poland and an institution developing and promoting the art of dance in Poland and abroad. In 2005 he collaborated with six European dance schools to establish the first Polish dance school at the academic level. The programme was the cornerstone of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom, established in 2007 as a faculty of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow. Following his doctoral defence in 2008 at the AST in Cracow, Łumiński was appointed the dean of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom.

In 2004-2010, Jacek Łumiński was a doctoral student at the Faculty of Anthropology at Indiana University in Bloomington (USA), where he studied with Professor Anya Peterson Royce. He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2008 at the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, supervised by Professor Jerzy Stuhr.

Inspired by Polish folklore and the traditional culture of Polish Jews, Łumiński developed a dance technique and compositional methodology that was later dubbed the “Polish dance technique.” In 2018, he was awarded the annual prize of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the silver “Gloria Artis” medal for his contributions to dance. He has collaborated with a number of educational and artistic institutions in the country and abroad, among others in the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Israel, where he has lectured and held workshops on dance, anthropology of culture, and the role of culture in social transformations. In 2018, he was appointed a member of the advisory group for strategic planning in the board of the International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography, Inc.

photo from the private archive