Wojciech Klimczyk - miniatura

Wojciech Klimczyk

D.Lit., an author of a number of books of dance history, works at the Jagiellonian University.

Jan Łosakiewicz - miniatura

Jan Łosakiewicz

A choreographer, director, collaborator of the CIOFF® and a vice-president of the Polish Section.

Jacek Łumiński - miniatura

Jacek Łumiński

A long-time director and choreographer of the Silesian Dance Theatre, and a dean of the Dance Theatre Department in Bytom.

Sonia Nieśpiałowska-Owczarek - miniatura

Sonia Nieśpiałowska-Owczarek

A dance producer and curator, and an author of a number of dance publications.

Tomasz Nowak - miniatura

Tomasz Nowak

D.Lit., a founding member and president of the Polish Choreological Forum.

Jacek Przybyłowicz - miniatura

Jacek Przybyłowicz

A choreographer and member of the Programming Board for Dance at the Institute of Music and Dance.

Hanna Raszewska-Kursa - miniatura

Hanna Raszewska-Kursa

A dance researcher and critic, a PhD candidate at the Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Hanna Strzemiecka - miniatura

Hanna Strzemiecka

A founder, choreographer, and a long-time artistic director of the Lublin Dance Theatre.

Krzysztof Szymański - miniatura

Krzysztof Szymański

A choreographer, pedagogue, and dancer.

Ewa Wycichowska - miniatura

Ewa Wycichowska

A choreographer, academic teacher, and a former long-standing prima ballerina of the Łódź Grand Theatre.