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Panel discussions

The Polish Dance Platform 2019 we also invite you to take part in panel discussions featuring representatives of the international dance community, as well as experts who have a real impact on the development of dance in its various contexts, in Poland and abroad.

7 September 2019, 12:00–13:30
European Solidarity Centre

Dance within Civil Society Contexts

It is no coincidence that the panel discussion “Dance Within Civil Society Contexts” takes place in Gdańsk in the European Solidarity Centre. Gdańsk – the City of Freedom and openness to diversity is the first city in Poland where the Council for Equal Treatment and the Council for Immigrants and a model of their integration were created. Gdańsk also sees dance as one of the tools for building a society rooted in tolerance and solidarity and having relations based on respect for differences. The speakers invited by us will present methods and tools for working with social and ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups; these methods and tools enable, through dance, to integrate these groups into a broader public discourse.

Roberto Casarotto (IT) / Migrant Bodies
Efva Lilja (SE) / independent expert
Aurora Lubos (PL) / independent artist
Sue Shroeder (USA) / CORE Dance
Krzysztof Skolimowski (PL) / Akademia Muzyczna Łódź – Music Academy Łódź
Moderator: representative of European Solidarity Centre

7 September 2019, 14:00–15:30
European Solidarity Centre

Networking for Dance

The globalisation of the contemporary world opens up opportunities for artists to undertake activities in new areas, both geographical, artistic and social. Functioning in networks is both a possibility and a necessity. It allows for further development, promotion and exchange of experiences in different contexts. The forms of networks that will be presented in the panel discussion are based on various ideas and perform various functions. Their existence and continuous morphing indicate the important role of combined models of co-operation.

Elisabetta Bisaro (FR) / Dancing Museums
Marta Keil (PL) / Eeast European Performing Arts Platform
Jurij Konjar (SL) / Habitat
Maciej Kuźmiński (PL) / Polska Sieć Tańca – Polish Dance Network
Joanna Leśnierowska (PL) / Art Stations Foundation
Kamma Siegumfeldt (DK) / PASSAGE Festival
Moderator: representative of City Culture Institute

8 September 2019, 10:00–11:30
European Solidarity Centre

Models and Strategies for Dance Development in Poland

The panel will outline the ways in which Polish contemporary dance functions in the public sector and in the non-institutional one. We will focus on the main strategies of co-operation and development of the dance field in Poland, as well as the reality of its production and promotion.