Marta Ankiersztejn,

Marta Ankiersztejn, "No Place for…"

There is no place for stillness. In the dance world if you don’t act you disappear. In this art form, Freelance means an everyday struggle for being visible. There is no place for being bleak. You have to be something, you have to be searching, be amazing, you have to undertake difficult topics and contend with them. How do you find peace in this continuous race?

A bed. A room. A flat. Berlin.

This is the place to which they return after long journeys. Here they have their favourite cafes and parks, here are their friends. Here they have space for the books they have been collecting for years, for posters, memories. Here is home. Come in, feel yourself at home.

Marta Ankiersztejn – independent photographer who specialises in dance photography. Her three solo photo exhibitions were presented at the most important dance festivals in Poland, in Cracow, Poznań, Wrocław and Warsaw. She featured among fifteen outstanding dance photographers whose works were presented in the photo album Insasiability of the Gaze (Tarnów, Warsaw 2017) edited by Anna Królica. For the last three years, she has been documenting two most important projects presenting dance in Warsaw: Studio Dance Scene and Dance Art Centre. She won numerous dance photography competitions. She lives and works in Warsaw.

Opening: 5 September, Thursday, 22:00, opening party, 100cznia