Via Negativa/ Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne
"The Ninth"

photo by Marcandrea

performers: Loup Abramovici, Grega Zorc, Jaka Lah, Anita Wach, Magdalena Tuka
concept and direction: Bojan Jablanovec
choreographic supervision: Anita Wach
music: Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony no. 9, conductor: Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker 1983
costumes, horse masks: Barbara Stupica
lighting: Bojan Jablanovec, Ana Čigon, Igor Remeta
video: Ana Čigon
stage manager: Igor Remeta
producer: Špela Trošt
produced by: Via Negativa
co-produced by: Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne Association in Warsaw
partners: Bunker Ljubljana, International Performing Arts Festival A Part in Katowice, Body/Mind Foundation
premiere: 15 June 2016, A Part Festival in Katowice
duration: 70 minutes

Supported by the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.
The show is performed by nude actors.

Directed by Bojan Jablanovec and choreographed by Anita Wach, The Ninth – created as a result of collaboration between Polish and Slovenian performers – is a visual fairy tale about civilization seen as a failed project of the taming of man. Five people on stage, naked and suspicious, average and far from being perfect, address the masterpiece of the European culture, the majestic Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Deprived of grandeur or romanticism, limited to their own explicit literalism, digital and dispersed in the visual, deaf due to the excessive noise, constantly repeating themselves like a broken record that needs to be turned off, they try to re-connect with the Animal inside them. The Western civilization reached its new forms of brutality. In the name of defending European values, we build fences, degrade other cultures to the level of rapists, criminals and animals. Diplomats keep on talking about the project of peace, and yet this peace is based on war. They are ready to suspend the fifth commandment of Christianity in the name of freedom, democracy and equality. Our wars from the past are knocking on the door of the present.

The piece has been co-created by the performers and the company.

Via Negativa is an international platform for research, development and production of contemporary performing arts which has been operating since 2002. The platform is based on the working methods developed by the founder of Via Negativa – Bojan Jablanovec. VN explores different performative strategies, places emphasis on the ethics and constant research within the practices, procedures and disciplines. |

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